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This is it – the first blog of my life

Chose yesterday to start my blog as I seemed to be hyper aware and appreciative yesterday. You know how you have these little scenarios in your mind about how things could be and might be if only they were? Well yesterday was just such a day.  The weather was perfect – England in the summer on a sunny day is matchless. Driving down to Oxford, the green, the blue, the gold, the warm just lifted me to a level of consciousness that made it all acute and real and in three dimensions that are rarely actually perceived. I sat in Blackwells with a coffee. I was on a leather sofa, sun at my back and the window open. The sounds of  Saturday Oxford drifted up and in. I had Shakepeare’s Sonnets on my lap and the world was truly mine.  Every breath drew the dream in and it reached into the very deepest part of me and the smile was unconscious and complete. Shakespeare, Plath, Branagh in my bag – promises of hours of quiet indulgence. A short drive to Iffley – the dream continued. A cottage in Iffley – a dream a dream. Cider by the river. The world flowing past: young people drunk and rich in love and hope, children engaging and pure. Dinner on the river –


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